TURKEY CREATIVE:  eeeeh....what the hell?

Hello Potential Customer-
I say that because that’s how I see everyone I meet. As a person I can make money off....In the coming days we’ll be making this a more “official” page for Turkey Creative. Until then, I’ll say that we’d love to hear about your project. We’re available for commercials (tv, radio, or internet), writing projects, or whatever weird crap you can dream up.
— Gabe Noah

AS THE SCHEDULE TURNS, Web Series.   (When I Work, tech company)

An eccentric boss deals with the challenges of managing an even-more eccentric team of temp workers. Some days Andy leaves work with a smile on his face-other days he can't stop crying. These are the tales of As The Schedule Turns. Coming Fall 2014: http://asthescheduleturns.com/