In Memory of Gus Lynch.  Actor/Stand Up Comic/Minneapolis Legend

In Memory of Gus Lynch.  Actor/Stand Up Comic/Minneapolis Legend

This week we lost our fellow Turkey and brother Gus Lynch. We’ve made this page to share some of the things that made him great as an entertainer. If you’re not interested in our pity party just click “turkey main” in the contents bar. Either way, thanks for coming. It’s a dark time for us, SO LAY OFF MAN!
— The Turkeys

LEGACY PROJECT:  We want stories to pass on...we won't even take the credit.

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This page is for his friends/family/fans to post their pictures, stories, videos, etc.  Don't worry about censorship.  We want to hear it all.  We know he wasn't perfect, and we're not looking for everything to be as flowery as this (but don't forget we're his brothers too).  Just send us whatever you'd like to post and we'll follow your wishes as best we can.  We will not edit without your permission (if at all).  If it's good enough, we'll give it to Jones and Evie in a book (or whatever format fits best) when they're 18. 

GUS LYNCH GUMBO: Profile and History

This is the memorial page for our brother/stand up comic/actor/captain mexico/wild assed entertainer Gus Lynch.  What kind of guy was Gus?  The kind of guy who died by falling off an ancient pyramid.  The reason he was on the pyramid? ...He was going to have sex with a mummy.  (continued below)

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We’ll be updating as we get more. Send on whatever you’ve got, anonymous or not...
— The Turkeys

Gus is currently starring in our Web Series we did with When I Work....He kicked ass all over this thing.

Gumbo continued:  So of course that last one wasn't true, but the way in which he passed wasn't nearly as interesting as the stories about his life.  Gus was wildly complex, he was a handsome neanderthal who played dumb, but was deeply wise.  He was known to ask about your family at every meeting.  His compliments were thoughtful and sincere, but he was also a tremendous dick.  He reveled in keeping people off balance, with cutting remarks (most often deadpanned).  He used the phone and internet like a teenager.  He loved talking shit, but was best with deeper conversation.  He was an actor's actor, and a monster one at that.  He would disappear into character and nail it in the first two takes.   He loved "good theater" and film.  He appeared in over two dozen film and TV roles.  He would have been the next John Goodman (who he loved).  His stand up career was just getting rolling.  He had been long considered the best host in Minneapolis.  He was a fixture at House of Comedy, and recently won "The Greatest Comedian Ever" contest at The Joke Joint in St. Paul (beating out 40 other comics).  In the close knit Minneapolis Comedy Community Gus was something of a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and your big brother/cool uncle.  He was a producer of Laugh/Rock/Repeat (comedy and music) and the fast growing "Akumal Comedy Festival (with Dan Schlissel).  He LOVED football.  His family season tickets to the Vikings often went to his fellow comedians, but his favorite games were played by his son Jones.  Gus was often seen at Jones' practices wearing sun glasses to hide his tears (no joke).  He lived for Rock and Roll...more specifically, MINNEAPOLIS ROCK & ROLL.  He was a fixture on the scene, and an ambassador for it wherever he went.  More than anything, Gus Lynch was a family man.  His love for his wife Amanda, his son Jones, and his daughter Evelyn beamed from his every pore.  EVERYONE saw it.  Gus was all this above and much much more (like a Turkey).   

Stand Up Gallery: (we're still looking for more good clips)

You're turn...if you somehow missed the legacy stuff, please read and contribute.  Also, please share around liberally.  If you know Gus, you know he'd love the attention...