These guys were so funny I almost crapped my sweatpants.
— casually dressed guy who had a banquet.
I was at one of their shows once, they made one guy laugh so hard he crapped in these really nice sweatpants he was wearing. I’ve never seen anyone so embarrassed.
— guy who attended banquet
I didn’t crap inside my sweatpants! I sat on a huge pile of dog crap before the show! Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Appreciate the compliment on my sweats though!
— guy from first quote again

All members of the group are professional stand up comedians.  The Turkeys as a group are available for many different types of shows.  Contact us and we'll find the right one for your event.

We offer 2 different show types:

  1. Stand Up Show:   The show is stand up only, no videos or multimedia.  Note:  A minimum of 2 Turkeys have to be on the show to receive the promo package. 
  2. The Full Turkey Multimedia, poop joke extravaganza:  We'll come with minimum 3 members, play videos, promo package, and commercial. (Venue/booker can choose from video commercials to distribute via social media, email, etc.  Or audio spots to be distributed via radio or walkie talkie. 

                                                       *specific performers available upon request.

For info, email us at:

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